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NEWORLEANS-- It is an alarming sight, a large section of the side wall of the Broadmoor house has collapsed. Neighbors are frightened.

'It's unbelievably dangerous,' said Jerry Kelly, a contractor who owns the apartment building across the street. 'It's a fire hazard. It's a safety hazard for the citizens of the community.'

'It's just dangerous that it could come down,' said Jason DuMouchel, who lives behind the blighted structure. 'Every time it rains hard, I wonder, OK, do I need to get my kids out of their beds?Because we're on that side of the house.'

The neighbors first contacted me in March when the side wall was bulging, and they were concerned then. But last week, they sent pictures showing the window fell out, and now the danger is escalating.

There are loose beams and severe termite damage.

'Just in the last few days, another piece of sheet rock or plaster, whatever that is, came down from up higher,' said DuMouchel. 'We're a lot more worried.'

'I'm losing my tenants, and my tenants are sending me pictures of this every day, and my tenants are very worried about this,' added Kelly. 'The whole community is worried about this.'

At the time of the first Action Report, I was worried about pieces falling off this structure. But now look how much more is ready to fall.

A spokesman for the mayor said the city is ready to take action, holding a hearing and last weekend finalizing a blight judgement. The building is in such bad shape now they'll demolish it, and because it is so unstable, crews will work from scaffolding and take down the upper stories by hand.

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