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NEWORLEANS-- A report on says the Saints gave Reggie Bush and his agent permission to gauge the running back's worth on the open market, prior to a lockout.

The report today was by Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, which has previously been ahead of the game in covering Reggie Bush off the field. It's a story that bush told WWL Radio was 'absolutely not true.' The report says that the Saints gave Bush and his agent permission in February to talk to other teams.

The idea was to give Bush a realistic idea of what his market value is and the Saints a chance to compare that to what his value is to them.

Bush is scheduled to make nearly $12 million this season with the Saints and anticipates a steep pay cut, given his frequent injuries, his lack of production, his status as a role-player, and the addition of number one draft choice Mark Ingram.

The report says that Bush found numerous teams who would be willing to compensate him better than it looks like the Saints will.

Among the teams that today's report says are interested in Bush are the Dolphins, Steelers, Seahawks, Giants and Eagles.

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