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Beginning Monday September 12 at 4:00pm on channel 4, the doctor is in. It's one of TV's most popular doctors -Dr. Oz.

Eyewitness Newstraveled recently to New York City to go behind the scenes with him.

A cardiologist, Dr. Oz is on a mission to help us all not only live longer, but live longer, while feeling better. His time is split in-between TV and the O.R. He still performs heart surgery and practices medicine in addition to his TV gig.

And he gets letters from viewers saying how he changed their lives, so we decided to let you ask the questions.

Before we left the Big Easy for the Big Apple to get a behind the scenes look at the making of The Dr. Oz Show, we asked you, our viewers by Twitter, what questions you wanted answered by America's well known doctor. And he answered.

Feet First wanted to know what's so great about coconut water.

'Coconut water is a wonderful mix of electrolytes that your body generally needs, especially if you're sweating. It's also low in calories so I think it's a healthy addition to your diet, especially if you're exercising,' said Dr. Mehmet Oz.

And what's better, fish oil or flax seed oil?

'Omega 3 fatty acids contain the DHA, omega 3's that our brain needs. Sixty percent of our brain is made from that kind of fat. Flax seeds aregreat too. Those are fats that reduce inflammation. They help with our arthritis, all kinds of other great things, like walnuts, they are very good for you but they don't give you the omega 3's that you need for your brain,' he explained.

And Dr. Oz said the flax seeds would have to be crushed to get the oil out, not swallowed whole because that would just make them pass right through you.

Christi Dawn Gray asked what's the best multi-vitamin on the market for women. While Dr. Oz says he never endorses brands, he says on his show, he talks about ones that Consumer Reports has screened and determined to be good. And he has this advice.

'A little money saving idea here. The multi-vitamins made by the big companies, they're not going to cheat you. So at least you're getting what's in there and I don't want you over spending on a multi-vitamin. It should be a relatively inexpensive purchase,' Dr. Oz advised.

In another Tweet, elsbet questioned Dr. Oz's discussions on his show about homeopathic therapies since there is little scientific evidence to say the remedies work or are safe. Homeopathy is used to try to stimulate the body to heal itself using small doses of diluted substances.

'I'm not advocating for it. I think you should evaluate it and so many of these alternative medicine therapies are experiential. You've got to try it. If it works for you, keep doing it and if doesn't work don't waste your money. But I know in our family, my wife uses homeopathic therapies for our kids and they seem to benefit from it. So since these are tiny doses of products that don't seem to have any down side, I endorse it,' said Dr. Oz.

Some people joked that they wanted to be guinea pigs for body age assessment tests or if something on them looked infected, but the best question was from Trista. She asked if Dr. Oz is as nice in person as he is on TV. And I can tell you personally that he could not be any nicer, any more personable, engaging, sincere and patient with the long working hours. And that includes his staff and crew. And by the way, he also loves and visits New Orleans.

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Dr. Oz's premiere show is Monday September 12 on WWL-TV at 4pm. The show focuses on an issue a lot of women complain about, belly fat, and getting rid of it especially after the age of 40. Join him for the 5 steps to blast your unhealthful belly fat.

And he will be in New Orleans in October for a fundraiser and we will let everyone know when that is.

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