'Yesterday, despite bad luck, poor play and dire circumstances, I saw a team that stayed together, leaned upon its support, and faced its fear head on with a calming sense of certainty. A winning formula.

For the complete statement and more on Steve's battle with ALS, click to go to his 'Team Gleason' web site.

'The challenges that I face are real. This is no game. Physically, things have not gone my way, I've made mistakes in life and the experts tell me the clock is ticking. It's scary to walk out on the field in front of 75,000 people when you're half the man you used to be.

'I wanted to unravel, drop my poise and close up the playbook.

'But in the end, I think the formula is the same. I am staying close to the ones that I love, I am relying on support from my team and I am looking my fear in the eye and laying bare my chest.'

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