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NEWORLEANS- The two police officers shot Thursday morning are recovering from surgery in the hospital. Both were listed in good condition, but NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas said both would require long recovery time.

A blood drive has been set up for Officers Michael Asevedo and Anthony Mayfield. It will be held Friday at the Blood Center headquarters at 2609 Canal Street from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Shortly after the shooting though, concern among friends, family and co-workers was high for the two officers.

Doctors said both were shot several times. One of the men was hit in the liver, the other was shot near his colon.

'One of them had a significant amount of blood loss and his blood pressure was low when they got to the operating room,' said Dr. Norman McSwain, the chief of the LSU Trauma Center at LSU. 'Anytime somebody gets a gunshot wound, it's a serious injury and particularly when it goes into the abdomen.'

Both officers were done with surgery by noon Thursday and both were moved to the ICU.

'Both of them went through the surgical procedure fairly well,' said McSwain. 'They had severe injuries, but they're under control now.'

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