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NEW ORLEANS-- The Republican Presidential candidates are making a last-minute appeal for votes, one day before voters head to the polls in the Louisiana primary.

On the eve of the primary, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney made a morning stop in Metairie. He talked about how, if elected president, he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare. Friday marked the second anniversary of the law's enactment, which is based on a similar law Romney helped pass as Governor of Massachusetts.

'ObamaCare substitutes government intrusiveness for the dynamics of individual responsibility, for individuals being able to pursue different options and for the dynamics of a free market,' Gov. Romney said.

At the same time, in Port Fourchon, former speaker Newt Gingrich spoke about his energy policy and said a vibrant oil industry creates jobs.

'As all of you know, it's not just the job on the rig, but it's everybody who's running the boats, it's everybody who's providing the supplies,' Speaker Gingrich said.

Ron Paul spent part of Friday at Louisiana College in Pineville and was scheduled to be at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond that night.

Former Senator Rick Santorum also spent part of the week in Louisiana. At an event in Harvey on Wednesday, he vowed to stand with the people of coastal Louisiana.

'You folks have had a lot of tough times over the past few years with Katrina and the oil spill and it's been a shaky time-- and you folks have stood tall and weathered the storms,' Sen. Santorum said. 'You need someone who's going to stand tall with you.'

UNO political science professor Ed Chervenak said Santorum will likely win the Louisiana primary, possibly by double digits.

'Expectations are for him to win,' Chervenak said.

However, he also said it will all depend on the get-out-the vote effort.

'I expect low turnout. There's not a lot of enthusiasm for these candidates,' Chervenak said. 'We've seen lower turnout in other states, compared to four years ago, so I don't see why it would be any different here.'

Louisiana has 46 delegates, but only 20 are up for grabs on Saturday and they will be awarded proportionally. The rest of the delegates will be awarded during a caucus in April and at the State Republican Convention in June.

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