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NEW ORLEANS -- It's been a bumpy 2012 football season for New Orleans Saints fans.

The latest controversy swirling around wiretapping allegations connected to Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis.

Sports fanatics spent part of their Thursday night glued to the television screens inside Walk Ons in the CBD. But the Saints aren't part of the first or second round of the NFL drafts -- in part because of the bounty scandal.

'I think the punishments were quite harsh. Actually what this team has done is nothing different then any other team does. They just got caught doing it. That's where I think it turned ugly,' said Saints fan Michele Russell.

Even though the Saints won't be picking in the draft until Friday night, Who Dat fans believe their team will persevere.

'I think it's going to be a total shock to everybody when we win the Super Bowl, and it's going to be here in New Orleans, and it's going to be a real, exciting time,' said Darin Carter.

'I like the Saints. I like what they did and what they've come from. I'll still watch the saints,' said Laurie Bergin.

Earlier on Thursday at Fin McCools, Who Dat fans watched as Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis denied any wrongdoing in the wiretapping scandal.

'I think it's a bunch of baloney, you know. I think it's not right. I trusted what Mickey had to say today. I trust him to be a very good man, a very solid man. Nothing happened, I truly believe that,' said Saints fan Jean-Luc Albin.

Other fans of the black and gold say the team is being targeted.

'Honestly it could go either way at this point, but I think it's coming out now just for the attention. This could have been something the NFL and everybody knew about forever and it could have been handled. Now ESPN got a hold of it and that's that,' said Saints fan Kate Denson.

With a head coach suspended, a star quarterback still not signed, the bounty scandal and now wiretapping rumors, Who Dat fans hope their favorite team can rise above.

'That they can get to the Super Bowl. I think that would make everybody happy,' said Bergin.

For now, for the fans, the only game is the waiting one. It will be 137 days until the Saints step onto the field at the Superdome for their regular season opener.

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