NEW YORK (AP) -- Former Saints defensive end Anthony Hargrove says it's not his voice saying 'Give me the money' in a video used by the NFL as evidence in its investigation of the New Orleans bounty program.

Hargrove spoke Tuesday outside NFL headquarters.

Hargrove, Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Jonathan Vilma each attended appeals hearings for their suspensions with Commissioner Roger Goodell at the league offices in Manhattan on Monday. The NFL showed reporters a clip from the 2010 NFC championship game in which Hargrove purportedly made the 'money' comment about injuring Brett Favre.

Hargrove, now with Green Bay, was docked eight games.'s web site has a copy of the statement.

In it he references a President Clinton quote, slams what he calls politicians, and anonymous sources and he says the quote attributed to him in the infamous NFLFilms clip, wasn't him at all.

Click for the full statement.

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