Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News Political Analyst

It's amazing how things can change in the space of a few weeks. In early May, the New Orleans City Council was bitterly divided over the question of how to elect at-large members of the council.

That division prompted a walkout by two council members, which in turn brought council business to a halt. For a month.

Fast forward to late June, when the council gave quick, unanimous approval to the same at-large election idea. It's a proposed charter change, which means voters have to approve it before it becomes effective.

The proposal would split the elections of the two at-large council members, so that each winner has to get a majority of the votes cast for a particular seat. Right now, all at-large candidates run for both seats, which makes for a political free-for-all ... and some strange math.

I was never very good at math, especially strange math. Like most people, I get the concept of majority rule.

So anything that simplifies the math and stops the council from fighting sounds to me like a fine idea.

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