Kiplinger's came out recently with its list of top cities for every age group - including those just starting out, mid-career couples, families, etc...

They examined what they said were the most important factors to those particular groups.

The magazine's top choice for retirees? - New Orleans and the metro New Orleans area.

' New Orleans has affordable health care and a mild climate (notwithstanding the occasional hurricane),'said the media outlet. 'The state offers tax breaks to retirees: Social Security and federal government and military retirement benefits are tax-free, and property taxes are low. Although warring gangs keep the murder rate high, burglaries and thefts track close to the national average.'

The magazine also cited the metro area's long list of festivals, which could be enticing to retirees looking for grown up entertainment that's affordably priced. It also lists the number of doctors per capita and the cost of living.

Click for the list of top cities.

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