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People here in New Orleans dedicated their Fourth of July morning to helping the families of those 19 firefighters who died in Arizona.

About 75 people showed up in City Park for a boot camp in honor of the firefighters. After a group shoot in front of a fire truck, the name of a victim was read aloud and an exercise was done in his honor. The group did 19 different exercises during the hour.

Some say thinking of the men helped them get through each exercise.

The organizer said he put the event together after reading that some of them had babies on the way who they will never see.

'It struck a chord with me, you know, I've got two kids of my own, little young guys, and we're expecting another one, and I just thought about my wife and my family and how much they would need support,' said RJ Rice, the owner of The Parks Fitness and French Riviera Fitness.

'These firefighters put their lives on the line for us, and I really didn't even, I wasn't even thinking about it until this happened and then all of a sudden I realized what these people do to sacrifice to save our homes,' said Jill Halpern, a participant in the boot camp.

So far they raised $811, but you can still donate through a special pay pal account or by sending a check to French Riviera Fitness.

French Riviera Fitness
Fireman Fund
3908 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
Metairie, LA 70002

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