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NEW ORLEANS - The boil-water advisory has been lifted after bacteriological tests confirmed water was safe, according to a statement from the mayor's office.

'The advisory was cancelled after the bacteriological tests confirmed that water in the area was safe to drink and could be used as normal for personal needs,'said a statment from the mayor's office.

Tuesday, throughout Uptown New Orleans, businesses like PJ's were forced to make adjustments.

'We can't use any of the tap, so we can't wash our dishes right now. We got a bunch of gallons from Rouse's. We have 25 gallons of water in the back,' said Lillie Martin, a PJ's Coffee Shop barista.

PJ's Coffee Shop stocked up on bottled water in the face of the boil water advisory was expected to last until at least 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

'It happens enough that we kind of have a drill for it, unfortunately,' Martin said.

It's already happened twice this year. This time, a 30-inch water main burst early Tuesday morning, flooding multiple Uptown streets and prompting a dip in water pressure.

A boil water advisory was issued nearly six hours later. The advisory ended around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Marcia St. Martin, head of the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board, said it took about an hour and a half to collect data on water pressure, and about four hours to analyze it and make a decision to issue a boil water advisory.

At Audubon Zoo, temporary 'out of order' signs were posted on drinking fountains.

At Langenstein's market, Uptown neighbors stocked up on bottled water.

'It will be a big inconvenience in the morning if we can't shower and bathe in the morning,' said Uptown resident Jesse Adams. 'I understand we may not be able to.'

Now, crews are working to replace the damaged pipe. They've torn a large hole into the street to get to the broken transmission main that delivered water throughout Uptown.

'We always have to balance inconvenience by citizens, customers, and business with public health,' St. Martin said.

Officials said disruptions to service could continue until the aging system as a whole is fixed. The water board says it's beginning repairs, while residents just hope the current advisory is lifted soon.

'It would be great if they could come up with an ability to fix the problem so it wouldn't happen so frequently,' Adams said.

At that point officials will decide whether to lift the boil water notice.

As for the broken water main, crews will resume work Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. It's expected to be complete by Wednesday evening.

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