NEW ORLEANS -- Just over one week ago 1-year-old Londyn Samuels was shot and killed in her babysitter's arms at a Central City street corner.

Saturday the community continued to mourn the tragic loss at Samuels' funeral. Dozens of friends and family gathered to say their final goodbyes to slain child.

'Her smile was just so amazing and we all just wish she was still here with us,' said her mother Andrea.

Samuels was shot and killed on a street corner in Central City August 29. She was in the arms of her 18-year-old babysitter when a bullet took her life and hospitalized the teen.

'In this particular instance, the circumstances are just crazy,' said Mayor Mitch Landrieu Saturday. 'It was a dispute and now we have lost a child.'

Samuels is the second innocent, young girl in the last week to die after being gunned down. Both were senseless killings that have now left the entire community shocked, outraged and afraid.

'The children are traumatized because they can't go outside and now people are scared as bullets are coming through the walls,' said Brother Al Mims.

Several city leaders were among those mourning the lost of Londyn Saturday. Mayor Landrieu was among those in attendance and says it will take the efforts of the whole community to stop the violence.

'We can't talk anymore about whether or not it's OK for the violence to continue,' said Mayor Landrieu. 'The killings have to stop.'

'It weakens us as a city and it is really important that we as a community say, 'Look, this is our first priority,'' said Mayor Landrieu. 'We are going to take care of all the other stuff we have to do, but we are going to do this first.'

Others in community like Mims agree, saying he hope the pain of having to bury an innocent child will motivate others to get involved.

'We got to do better, neighbors got to work together, they got to know each other and they have to have relationships with the police whether they like it or not,' said Mims.

As the community continues to grieve, many are left wondering why Londyn Samuels and her babysitter became the target of violence.

Police have arrested Darnell Ramee, 19, and Kellen Armstrong, 24, in connection with the shooting. Both men are now facing first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charges.

Police have not said what the motive was.

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