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The New Orleans City Council is taking up a resolution Thursday asking Gov. Bobby Jindal to consider increasing the minimum wage to $10.10.

For workers in 13 states across the United States, the new year brought a bigger paycheck as laws were passed raising the minimum wage. Cities such as San Francisco and San Jose raised the minimum wage to at least $10 per hour.

Louisiana is one of five states without a minimum wage -- Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Kentucky are four other states without a minimum wage for workers. These states, then, follow the federal guidelines of $7.25 per hour -- $15,080 annually for full-time, year-round workers.

Some members of the New Orleans City Council would like to see the minimum wage raised to $10.10. If the resolution passes it will be sent to Jindal, urging him to raise the minimum wage. In 2007 when Jindal served in the U.S. Congress, he voted to increase the minimum wage from $5.85 to $7.25.

The move by the New Orleans City Council comes after fast food workers in the greater New Orleans area joined a national strike to call for the minimum wage to raised to $15 per hour in August of 2013.

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