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LAFAYETTE Want the world to know you're a Cajun?

Louisiana drivers can proclaim 'I'm a Cajun' on their driver's licenses, a new designation announced Monday that comes a few months after the state launched 'I'm Cajun ... and Proud' specialty license plates.

Drivers can get one or both by paying extra annual fees that help support scholarships to study French offered through the Council for Development of French in Louisiana.

The new driver's licenses also will turn those who hold them into cultural ambassadors, said state Sen. Fred Mills, R-Parks, who sponsored the legislation to create the new 'I'm a Cajun' driver's licenses.

Mills said he envisions the Cajun designation as a conversation starter when anyone is asked to pull out their license while traveling or using a credit card or check.

'How many times do you have to show your driver's license? We all think that it's going to promote our heritage here,' Mills said.

The new driver's license designation, like the specialty license plate, is available to everyone, not just bonafide Cajuns.

Having 'I'm a Cajun' printed on a driver's license costs an extra $5 a year above standard license fees.

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