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NEW ORLEANS -- Small businesses are the lifeblood of the metro area, and now the state is trying to help new start ups by making it easier to get their start.

It has been one year and a day since Liberty Cheesesteaks served up its first Philly cheesesteak sandwich, but co-owner Michael Casey said it was not easy getting his Freret Street shop up and running.

'It's just getting started, in business and in life,' said Casey. 'It's just how do I get started, where do I go?'

What followed those very questions was months of paperwork that had be filed again and again with various state agencies from the Secretary of State's office, to the Department of Revenue and the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

'It was difficult and the offices close at 4 p.m. and I'm 24 hours a day so that put things off, we have different priorities,' said Casey. 'Working with their schedule and trying to get it to mesh with your schedule is really, really difficult.'

Secretary of State Tom Schedler said a new website called GeauxBiz would do away with the now tedious process.

'To me it's taking out the bureaucratic red tape,' said Schedler. 'My wife and I are small business owners and I think everyone can relate to the whole concept and frustration of what do I have to do. You might know what your doing, but what do have to do to get my business going, the certificates, the licenses.'

With just a click of a button, starts up and entrepreneurs will have everything they need at their finger tips. They can fill out all their paperwork online, which would then be automatically dispersed to all the other necessary agencies.

'I think any tool or resource that can help out would be phenomenal,' said Casey.

Schedler said GeauxBiz will make sure everyone trying to start a business for the first time does not miss a necessary step.

'This forces that they go through the initial process of all the absolutely mandatory things, those three agencies.'

Schedler said they are in the process of building the website right now and say it will be up and running this time next year.

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