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NEW ORLEANS Earlier this year, Louisiana State University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Xavier University and Dillard University began banning the use of tobacco products on their campuses, and Friday, more schools including the University of New Orleans, are joining in on the effort to make school campuses statewide smoke-free zones.

University of New Orleans wants to make sure its students have a healthier campus and it was an effort students were notified was in the works last semester.

The policy, which bands cigarettes, pipes and chewing tobacco, is aimed at making the campus a comfortable and healthier learning environment.

Adam Norris, spokesman for the University of New Orleans, says this policy sets a good example for incoming students.

'We think it's a great step forward in our ability to create a healthier an dmore comfortable environment for both the people that work here, learn here, as well as those who visit, so we're very excited about this and so far it has had overwhelming support,' says Norris.

Norrise says this will also help cut down on cigarette butt litter on campus, which equals up to about a thousand pounds of litter each year.

The new policies on local campuses in Louisiana ban the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and in some case, electronic cigarettes.

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