Money Magazine is out with a story about the cities with the highest percentage of their children attending public school and the magazine's headline indicates that it is surprised that New Orleans is atop the list.

A quarter (25 percent) of the city's school-aged children attend private school, according to a survey by Trulia, a real estate-centric web site, a full four percent ahead of the next closest city - Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition, Baton Rouge ranked fourth on the list.

The magazine began its story by saying that the average cost nationally of a private education is over $10,000 and it states that most would think the city with the highest percentage of children getting that expensive education would be a wealthy area.

However, Trulia said that it found one of the reasons that an area has high private school attendance is related to the quality of public schools in the area with areas having poorly-perceived schools having four times the attendance at private schools as those areas with high-achieving public schools.

In addition, Trulia found that areas that are more Catholic also have more children attend private schools, nearly half of which are Catholic. New Orleans has a large Catholic population and a tradition of children attending Catholic schools.

To see the full list, click on the story on Money's web site.

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