JEFFERSON, La. -- Two JPSO deputies were arrested and a third deputy who is under investigation has resigned, Sheriff Newell Normand announced at a press conference.

Sgt. John Carroll, a 17-year veteran of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office who served in the Robbery Division, is under arrest for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He is also charged with domestic violence and criminal damage to property.

Normand began the Wednesday morning press conference by saying the arrest caused him 'deep and grave concern'.

'Very good robbery detective,' Sheriff Normand answered when asked to describe Carroll's work prior to this arrest. 'Very good interviewer. Somebody who's made a lot of cases for this department. I can tell you that pretty much everybody in the department that I've talked to is completely flabbergasted and shocked by this activity.'

Carroll's arrest stems from an incident early Sunday morning.

According to Normand, Carroll was out at a series of bars with his girlfriend Candy Brown. According to detectives, Brown sold another couple what's called an 'eight-ball' of cocaine. The other couple denies buying cocaine from Brown, but told investigators that Carroll forced them to pay $200.

Normand said the couple also told investigators 'that Detective Carroll had actually approached those individuals about owing Candy Brown $200 for the purchase of that eight ball, and that they didn't give her the money. And that he demanded that they go get the money.'

Normand said investigators searched the home where Carroll and Brown lived in Terrytown and found five grams of cocaine and $208,000 in cash.

They also found a safety deposit box key that led investigators to another $90,000 in cash.

They also interviewed Candy Brown.

'She revealed to us that Detective Carroll was involved in the use of steroids,' Sheriff Normand said.

That peripheral investigation led detectives to the arrest of Deputy Bobby McNalty for steroid possession.

McNalty is a two-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office.

McNalty's roommate, Deputy Aaron Verrette, resigned during the course of the investigation. For now, Normand said, Verrette is not under arrest, but Normand said Verrette is not cooperating. And he said the investigation is ongoing.

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