Jim Henderson / Eyewitness Sports Director

NEW ORLEANS -- With the expected departures of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown as unrestricted free agents, can you name one Miami Dolphin?

You can now: Reggie Bush.

He will be instant box office in a city that treasures glitz and glamor. In New Orleans we tend to place more emphasis on the substance rather than the veneer of people, places, and things.

And so we say goodbye to our Heisman trophy-winning, Heisman trophy-reluctantly surrendering running back, shipped off to Miami, who supplants our last Heisman trophy-winning running back in Williams, whom we shipped there.

The Saints under Sean Payton have cultivated a locker room full of individually responsible, team-first players.

During the Payton era, I've always thought only three guys didn't fit the mold: Joe Horn at the end of his career here, Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush players whose performance didn't justify the attention they received and the distraction they presented.

From the locker room that Payton cultivated, all three were eventually weeded out.

Reggie Bush's highlights will provide an immortal memory of his five years here, but the memory of his mortality in the last game of his career here should also linger, the memory of the playoff loss to Seattle.

The dropped pass of a sure touchdown in the first quarter that might have helped put the underdog Seahawks away early, another injury that put him on the bench for much of the game after rushing five times for 12 yards, leaving the Saints virtually weapon-less at running back.

In Miami he will again be 'the man.' In New Orleans, too often because of injury and impact, he was 'the invisible man.'

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