NEW ORLEANS -- These snapshots are from David and Selby Melius' spur of the moment trip to San Francisco.

The New Orleans couple owns Bruno's Tavern. They flew 2,272 miles to cheer on their beloved Saints.

'We were just met with a lot of hostility. Not once were we offered anything to eat or drink. We were never told hello welcome to our city,' David Melius said. 'It was a very uncomfortable feeling.'

From tailgating to sitting inside the 49ers stadium, the Melius family felt threatened by a sea of red.

'The gentlemen to my left would lean over to me like this, and in my ear use the f-word, repeatedly, repeatedly,' said Selby Melius.

The harassment forced the couple to abandon ship.

'We left with about a minute left in the first quarter, and we were back before halftime at a nice little restaurant bar near our hotel, and we watched the rest of our game,' said David Melius.

Other Saints fans reported having problems in the stands.

'We stayed and it got to the point where we were afraid of what would happen to the fans if we won!' said Saints fan Joni Gremillion.

Gremillion said the menacing 49ers fans taunted her family before, during and after Saturday's game.

'People were just screaming at us, getting in our face. Somebody put a paper bag over my dad's head, he had to rip it off and throw it on the ground,' she said. 'When my mom went to the restroom people were cursing at her.'

These Saints fan horror stories aren't isolated.

Comment after comment is appearing on the San Francisco Chronicle's website.

SDNative wrote, 'We were booed and profanely harassed in the parking lot, concession lines and at our seats. One tattooed thug went off on me on some 'Sandusky' rant while I was taking my 12-year-old boy to the rest room.'

Another Saints fan wrote, 'We were repeatedly booed, called MF'ers, physically pushed around in the restrooms, confronted and told to 'be afraid, be very afraid'.'

One 49ers fan took the time to apologize: 'It is unfortunate that you had to sit by a bunch obnoxious foul mouth jerks, and the idiots in the parking lot, but for you to judge all the 49er fans by these guys actions is not right!'

Besides their gameday experience, the Melius family says they enjoyed the Bay Area, but it's the Saints last-minute loss and 49ers fan abuse they'd rather forget.

'I would never go back to a 49er game,' David Melius said. 'I think that's off my list.'

You shared your Saints-49ers gameday experiences with us on our Facebook page.

Laddie wrote, 'I went to the game with my sister and while the 49er fans sitting right around us weren't bad, we did encounter some very hostile ones in the concourses of the stadium.'

Marty wrote, 'Two seats from me, a very drunk young man went on a very loud, very vulgar seven to 10 minute tirade directed at a Saints fan seated alone four rows down.'

We called 49ers officials for comment, but our calls were not returned in time for tonight's newscast.

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