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PLAQUEMINES PARISH, La. -- The west bank of Plaquemines Parish continued to see serious flooding Thursday afternoon, especially outside the levee protection system in the area of Ironton, Myrtle Grove and Pointe Celeste.

Few people remained in these communities. One group near Ironton waited out the waters from the second floor of their home, aided by a generator.

Meanwhile, a herd of cattle sought dry land and refuge from the flood. A handful of cows crowded onto front porches of homes.

Rain bands and heavy winds continued to thrash the area midday. Parish President Billy Nungesser said he believed rescue crews had located each and every citizen reported missing.

Water overtopped the local levee system at Barataria Bay as then-Hurricane Isaac crawled ashore Tuesday evening.

Parish officials want to intentionally punch a hole in the levee in order to lessen the stress on levee and allow the water to subside. But to do so, the surge must retreat, allowing the water to settle. Officials then would have better access to the levee.

Representatives from the Louisiana National Guard and the Plaquemines Sheriff's office planned to check the levee and weigh their options later today.

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