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NEW ORLEANS -- Football season is back, and Sunday began with an all-out celebration by the Who Dat Nation.

'Everybody is so excited about this game,' said Tim Bentley. 'Life is good. It's all good.'

'At last! At last!' said Carolyn Calvin. 'We're here, we're gonna do it. We're gonna win. Who Dat!'

But the overwhelming pregame optimism couldn't help bail the Saints out of a season opening loss to the Redskins, one that was tough to digest for folks at Fin McCool's in Mid-City.

'It's disappointing, especially after all the legal stuff with the bounty,' said Dominique Ellis. 'We'll come back, but yeah, no one is happy in the bar right now.'

After arguably the strangest offseason in franchise history, tailgaters showed plenty support for suspended head coach Sean Payton.

Most agree, the bounty allegations have brought Saints fans even closer together.

'It's us against the world,' said Cliff Johnson. 'It's us against the world.'

And despite the 0-1 record, hopes remain high that the Black and Gold are poised for another big season.

'It's something we've been waiting for -- waiting to see what our defense is going to do, waiting to see what our secondary is ready for, and we're ready to see this new linebacking corps,' said Tyrone Calvin. 'So, let's go. Who dat baby! Who dat.'

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