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HARVEY, La. Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office deputy was called to a school on the West Bank after a teacher found a handgun inside a student's bookbag, according to sheriff's office spokesman Glen Boyd.

Around 11:30 a.m., Sgt. Lawrence Matthews was called to Knights Academy High School on Bonn Street in Harvey.

'Sgt. Matthews met with Ms. Wendy Cheramie who is a teacher at Knight's who told him while she was in the process of moving several book bags on the students desks when she noticed a handgun inside of one of them,' said a statement from Boyd.

Cheramie took the bookbag to the school office, had another teacher identify the student who owned the bookbag and then called the sheriff's office, according to Boyd.

The student was taken to police headquarters, and the student's mother was called to the station as well. 'Matthews ask the teen if he wanted to give a statement. He left the two alone for a few minutes to decide. Matthews returned, only to find out the teen's mom had already contacted an attorney who advised them not to make any statements,' said Boyd.

Sgt. Matthews determined that the gun was not stolen. The student was not arrested since the handgun was found in an attended bookbag, according to Boyd.

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