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NEW ORLEANS -- Tackling violence across the city is the primary focus for numerous grassroots organizations.

But some, like Safe Streets Strong Communities, say they need help to curtail the bloodshed.

'The epidemic has spread all over the city -- on the West Bank, on the east bank, Jefferson Parish, so, we need more people on the ground to deal with that,' said Robert Goodman.

While groups keep pushing for that help, the anti-violence message will soon become more visible. It's a simple message on a sign 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' -- but one Archbishop Gregory Aymond hopes will make a difference.

'Perhaps in someone's rage or anger or contemplating murder, maybe if they see the sign, God could use that sign to make them think twice, maybe even change their heart,' Aymond said.

The Archdiocese of Greater New Orleans will distribute 5,000 Thou Shalt Not Kill yard signs, beginning this weekend, in an effort to put a unified stance against violence on full display, in neighborhoods across the metro area.

'We very much believe that, individually, we can do a lot,' Aymond said. 'Together, we can do more, and if we come together in solidarity and make a statement, it has a stronger voice, and hopefully more people will hear and some hearts can be changed.'

Goodman, who lost a grandson to the streets a few months ago, believes these types of efforts can effect change, especially when large numbers of people buy into the message.

'It's gonna take the entire community effort in every aspect, for people to get involved,' he said.

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