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NEWORLEANS-- Multiple rape defendant and ex-model Dean Kelly is back in jail. Again.

For the second time this year, Judge Tracey Flemings-Davallier revoked Kelly's bond for violating the terms of his home incarceration. The judge ordered Kelly back to Orleans Parish Prison after a court hearing Wednesday in which two sheriff's deputies testified that they caught Kelly with an unauthorized visitor.

Kelly had been free on a $2.5 million bail and confined to his parent's boathouse on Lake Pontchartrain as a condition of his probation. Restrictions included wearing an electronic ankle bracelet and getting permission from the judge for any visitors.

The deputies testified that they were conducting a random check when they saw a female engaging with Kelly from the porch of the boathouse next door.

Jason Williams, Kelly's attorney, explained that Kelly was merely in the process of adopting a dog for his protection and the woman was a member of an animal rescue group who matches pets with prospective owners.

Williams asked the lead deputy a series of questions about Kelly's bond.

'Was there a condition prohibiting dogs in the residence?' Williams asked.

'No,' the deputy answered.

'Was there a dog present?'


'Four legs and fur?'


Williams pointed out that the woman was not actually on Kelly's property, but on the porch of the property next door. That showed the caution Kelly used to avoid violating his bond conditions, he said.

In his closing argument, Williams said, 'The purpose at the end of the day was to adopt a dog. It was similar to a pizza delivery guy.'

But prosecutors provided evidence that Kelly contacted the animal rescue worker through Craigslist, then followed up with her through a series of phone calls and text messages, all means of communication that are at the heart of the rape charges against him.

Authorities say the ex-model, who appeared in a 1994 Aerosmith music video, has a long history of using text messages and persistent phones calls to lure young women into meeting him.

In the charges against him, Kelly is accused by several young women of enticing them with promises of access to Hollywood-type parties and movie sets, then forcing himself on them. He faces two counts of forcible rape, kidnapping, pornography involving juveniles and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Napoli argued that the pattern of persistent calls and texts to the animal rescue worker was the same behavior that led to the rape charges.

'He spit in the face of this court after he was given the privilege of this bond,' Napoli said. 'He lured a girl to his residence under false pretenses. If those deputies hadn't showed up, there's no telling what would have happened.'

In the end, Flemings-Davallier agreed.

'Home incarceration is incarceration,' the judge said. 'In incarceration you cannot have Internet and email and Facebook. You cannot have a dog.'

This marks the second time Flemings-Davallier has returned Kelly to jail.

The first time was in February following complaints that Kelly was mingling with young women at a party at his parent's house during Carnival. But after Kelly's attorneys requested another chance, the judge allowed the 42-year-old to be released in April after raising his bond from $1.5 million to $2.5 million and ordering him to be held under tight new restrictions.

Kelly's case has been a running courtroom drama since his arrest in early 2011. What began as municipal charges against Kelly of contributing to the delinquency of minors escalated when a parade of new alleged victims came forward to lodge new accusations against Kelly, including rape and kidnapping.

During his time in Orleans Parish Prison, Kelly's soap opera-like case featured a court appearance in which he collapsed, another court appearance in which he claimed he was beaten by other inmates and, finally, a contraband charge that was lodged when deputies allegedly found him in his cell with a metal pipe.

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