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NEW ORLEANS -- On Wednesday crews repaired a sewer main break that flooded parts of Lakeview, but instead of resting easy, residents are still fed up with the constant repairs.

Construction. Detours and more construction. It seems to be a never-ending cycle for Lakeview residents, who say there is not much to show for it.

'It's bad right there, bad over there. Bad there,' Amy Clay pointed out as she walked down her Lakeview street.

Clay lives just down the street from where the sewer main break happened Tuesday morning. She said it is an issue she and other residents on Memphis Street have been dealing with for some time.

'The leak kept going further and further down the street,' says Clay. 'So I wouldn't doubt if that was the reason why it broke down there.'

The Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board says it does not know what caused the break, but suspects the age of the pipes and damage from Katrina are both factors.

'Us, as the neighbors out here, we are all filling in the holes,' says Clay. 'I don't think that is our responsibility.'

Constantino Christakis has lived on Filmore Avenue all his life. He said he was ecstatic when the city decided to repave the road.

But just days after the work was finished, crews were back out on his street digging up the road.

'It's ridiculous. You are going backwards, not forward,' says Christakis. 'When you do something you do it once and you do it right. That's like putting a good shirt over a dirty t-shirt.'

The water board oard says they do coordinate their efforts with other city departments and say it was the weight of heavy repaving equipment that caused a new break in the line.

Still, frustrated residents are far from satisfied.

'Fix it. Our taxes our insane,' Clay said. 'They should be putting our money towards the streets.'

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