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NEW ORLEANS -- A former New Orleans police officer is back home after being acquitted in the shooting death of Henry Glover.

On Thursday afternoon a jury found him not guilty of civil rights and gun charges in the post-Katrina manslaughter re-trial.

'You knew what you were doing. You sat there and killed him and you're gonna walk free. That's not right,' said a tearful Rebecca Glover, Henry's aunt.

Stunned and in shock is how Glover's family walked out of federal court minutes after the not guilty verdicts came down.

It took jurors 14 hours of deliberation and a deadlock before making a decision.

'Man it was like someone stabbed me in my heart. What kind of justice do we have? We have no justice in this city man,' Rebecca Glover said.

The post-Katrina case was in the judicial system for a second time after an appeals court threw out David Warren's first conviction.

This time around jurors didn't hear evidence connected to other NOPD officer's misconduct including the burning of Glover's body on a levee and a massive cover-up. Warren's defense team argued the former cop knew nothing about his fellow officers actions.

His attorney's said those happened hours after Warren shot and killed Glover inside a strip mall days after the storm claiming he felt threatened by the unarmed man.

'It was outrageous. He was unarmed, we have all the facts in this case. We need to pull ourselves together as a family and try to get through this,' said Brandon McIntyre, Glover's cousin.

Less than two hours after a federal jury found him not guilty, Warren addressed the media at his attorney's Metairie law firm. The former officer said he was was grateful to his legal team, jurors, his family and God for being a free man.

'Its a wonderful joyous, feeling. I'm almost numb at the same time,' said Warren.

Jailed since 2010 and serving a nearly 26-year sentence, Warren was beyond happy on Thursday night. He maintains his actions were warranted.

'I took the action that I had to take. We have spent years talking about something that lasted seconds,' said Warren who added he doesn't plan on returning to a law enforcement career.

As the 50-year-old gears up to spend the holidays with his family, Warren had this to say about Henry Glover's family's grief:

'If my son was in that situation where Henry Glover was a police officer and my son was in that situation, I can understand completely the tragedy of what they feel and the loss of what they feel as a family,' said Warren.

U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite, Jr. issued this statement following the acquittal in the Warren case:

'While we are disappointed by the verdict, we thank the jury members for their attentive service in reaching a decision in this matter.'

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