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COVINGTON, La. - A new indictment against the former St. Tammany Coroner comes at the hands of the state Attorney General's Office, which says it waited to make the move until the federal court was finished taking Peter Galvan out of office to put him in prison.

Much like the federal case, which Galvan pleaded guilty to and is serving a two year sentence for, the state case focuses on three areas.

Asst. Attorney General David Caldwell said, 'The first one involving Dr. Galvan's illegal purchases made, or employees made on his behalf, using the coroner's office credit card. The second count involved over a$100,000 in employee benefits he received illegally. And the third count involved the City of Slidell Jail contract which was illegally performed by Dr. Galvan where he benefitted in an amount of more than $400,000.'

But the difference is the state's motive, money. 'The restitution amount wasn't enough,' said Caldwell. 'He agreed to pay back $193,000 approximately to St. Tammany Parish and he was over almost $400,000 shy.'

The whistleblowers that brought Galvan's questionable acts to light say Friday's indictment was a pleasant surprise.

'We're very pleased with the new charges and I'm grateful that the Attorney General is going to go after him in a monetary fashion,' said Terry King.

Meanwhile, the two employees alleged to have helped Galvan appear to be off the hook, for now.

Caldwell said, 'From the state perspective, Dr. Galvan is the head of the hydra so I think as we proceed forward, he is our focus.'

It's another consequence many are happy to see Galvan facing.

Galvan's attorney, Billy Gibbens, tells Eyewitness News, 'We are disappointed with the new charges, but we'll deal with them.'

The Attorney General's Office says it will have the U.S. Marshals transfer Galvan from federal prison in Pollock, Louisiana to St. Tammany for his arraignment.

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