The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation wants the State of Louisiana to stop dredging so close to the Chandeleur Islands and to pick up the project further offshore, apparently siding with the U.S. Government in the recent battle over building sand berms.

'The LPBF has supported the barrier berm project on the Chandeleur Islands as long as it was done to not jeopardize the islands themselves,' Dr. John Lopez, Coastal Program Director for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation stated. 'What good does it do to protect the islands from oil, if you destroy them while trying to protect them?'

Tuesday the government asked the state to halt dredging from a mile offshore and instead pick up the project three miles offshore, according to Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser who was upset with the request that he said would halt the berm building for seven days.

Nungesser offered a counter proposal to continue dredging close to the island while the site further offshore is prepared and then moving places. Governor Bobby Jindal has said the sand taken from close to shore would be replaced.

The Basin Foundation said that dredging so close to the Chandeleur Islands could harm the area rather than protect it.

'All parties agree that the sand should be taken from the northernmost end of the islands at Hewes Point,' said a news release from the Foundation. 'The State, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Corps all agree on this point. Nevertheless, dredging started much further south within the wave zone of the islands (littoral zone). Dredging in this area will undermine the stability of the islands.'

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