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NEWYORK -- You may remember that after Hurricane Katrina, Oprah Winfrey sent Dr. Oz to New Orleans to highlight the need to get our health care services and hospitals back open.

Well now Dr. Oz is getting ready for a new season of health advice right here on Channel 4, and he showed us a behind the scenes look at his show in New York City.

The New York City studio is full of excitement. A comedianwarms up the studio audience before the main attraction, the entrance of cardiologist, heart surgeon, integrative medicine specialist and TV star Dr. Mehmet Oz.

As he enters the studio, the audience erupts with cheers and applause.

But Dr. Oz, 51, is not here just to entertain. He has serious health messages for America. He passes on ways to help us look and feel better, and live longer through practical tips.

'We're about to begin rehearsal please,' announces the head floor director.

What you may not know is this MD does a full rehearsal of his show before the studio audience and you at home tune in. In fact, two shows, two rehearsals and lots of promotions and interviews for cities such as New Orleans.

Crews were at the studio for 6:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. Still, Dr. Oz had heart surgery very early the next morning. But he is ready to launch season three.

'I am so excited this year because I spent a good part of my adult life trying to get people to understand their bodies and I finally had the big insight: you've got to motivate them to change too.

'So this year, we're giving away $1 million,' said Dr. Oz. 'What we're going to do is create a competition. It starts off early in our year and I'm going to take you through the entire season, month by month, getting you to understand how to lose weight, sleep better, get a better relationship with your doctor, know some of the key numbers about your own health, exercise more effectively.'

And on this day, what he shows us may shock you. Ten toxic things in our everyday lives, from our shower curtains, to shampoo, antibacterial soap and cooking oil, that he says are literally making us sick. And he has simple ways to change that.

'I know that medicine will advance dramatically over the next decade and be able to show us more and more how we control our own destiny,' said Dr. Oz. 'But in the meantime, I would love my viewers to understand that you control 70 percent of how you age. And if you could just take advantage of the big insights about the role of food, which we know is a powerful tool in changing how our genes react. You've got to understand a bit more with how to deal with stress. You have to appreciate that what you really have to be able to do is avoid frailty in your body, stay physically fit.'

And Dr. Oz brings you all of his excellent health advice from a very iconic place in the heart of midtown Manhattan, 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

And his advice travels to the ears of people in 112 countries. It has made a difference.

'The biggest blessings for me on the show have been the literally thousands of notes we have gotten from people who argue that their lives have been changed for the better,' he added.

Monday at 8 a.m., Dr. Oz answers viewer Twitter questions that you sent to Meg. Tuesday at 10 p.m., why he loves New Orleans and other more personal health questions.

The first show, coming up Monday, deals with one of women's biggest body complaints. Dr. Oz has five steps to blast your belly fat after the age of 40. It starts at 4 p.m. on WWL-TV.

To sign up for the million dollar contest, click hereafter Sept. 26.

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