Joe Gyan Jr. / The Advocate

GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay Louisiana $45 million to settle lawsuits that accused the drug maker of improperly marketing its embattled diabetes drug Avandia and other drugs, attorneys for the state and company told a judge Friday.

GSK also will pay an additional $7 million to the private lawyers who handled the state's suits against the firm.

GSK further agreed to drop a lawsuit it filed last year against state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. The suit claimed the private lawyers hired by Caldwell to prosecute the state's suits against the company had a 'personal financial interest'' in the outcome of the litigation. See full story

Editorial note: Wade Shows, the contract attorney handling the case for Caldwell, is Caldwell's campaign treasurer. The lead attorney on the case, Allan Kanner, reportedly fell asleep in the BP trial, and another lawyer on the case for Caldwell was his campaign manager, Allen Usry. See David Hammer's earlier story

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