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NEW ORLEANS -- Free money is being stashed in and around New Orleans, and if you want a piece of it, then you'll have to start with Twitter.

That's where an anonymous person is leaving clues about where locals can find envelopes filled with cash.

It's part of a trend to spread some wealth and good will.

'It doesn't make sense. Why would you leave money around?' asked Trey Johnson who was walking in City Park.

It was in City Park where the first envelope of free money was left by the Twitter user using the handle @hiddencash_nola.

We reached out to the user, but the user wanted stay anonymous, reluctant to even share his or her gender.

The intention behind the hidden cash is less ambiguous. The user wants to help others. The money will belong to whoever finds it.

Attached is the hope that he or she will post their find on Twitter and then use the money to give a hand to another person.

In an email, @hiddencash_nola wrote that the willingness to help others, especially the homeless, has been present for some time, but the best approach remained elusive. Then, after seeing media coverage of other 'hidden cash' projects, especially in California, @hiddencash_nola saw an opportunity.

On Wednesday, @hiddencash_nola posted clues to the first money drop in City Park. Later that day, another Twitter user replied to @hiddencash_nola and posted pictures of an envelope and its contents. A recent graduate of the University of New Orleans uncovered the hidden cash.

'I think it's a great idea. If you are that blessed to share then I think you can bless someone else,' said Claudette Aubert.

'It's also very kid-like, like an Easter egg hunt, so that's pretty fun,' said Robert Schoen.

Even the best of intentions can sometimes prompt concern. Some are urging a bit of caution. Members of the Better Business Bureau of Greater New Orleans are reminding people eager to hunt for money to be aware of where they're actually searching.

'So you just have to think about what neighborhood you are going into. Do you feel comfortable there? Use your gut feeling,' said Cynthia Albert with the BBB.

There's more money to come. The user will post clues and pictures on @hiddencash_nola's Twitter page. The next drops are scheduled for Friday.

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