NEW ORLEANS For the family of little 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon, the past 24 hours have been nothing short of a nightmare.

The 2-year-old was killed after gunfire broke out Sunday afternoon near the vicinity of where a second line had taken place. Galmon was in the car with his grandmother when a stray bullet pierced their windshield and hit him in the face. He later died at the hospital. Family members are in shock.

'I'm feeling really hurt. I'm really hurt. I just don't understand how something like this could just happen. And why, what reason?' Williams said. 'Why? He's a baby.'

At a news conference Monday afternoon, Mayor Mitch Landrieu condemned the killing, saying the behavior would not be tolerated.

'We have to find an answer,' he said. 'This is unacceptable.'

New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Ronal Serpas joined the mayor in pointing to officials from the Department of Justice, now on hand to work with the NOPD on homicide cases. They'll be looking at how the department handles them from start to finish, including the one of Jeremy Galmon.

'This case is endemic of a problem in our community that we are going to fix,' Supt. Serpas said. 'Our police department is going to get better.'

Meanwhile, back at the scene of Sunday's shooting, community members gathered to lay remembrances, where a young life was cut short amidst the violence.

'I come to lay down the teddy bears to show love, because they could have been my child,' said Latasha Williams.

'Hopefully our community will start taking responsibility, and some of this will stop happening,' said George Galloway.

It's the community that city leaders they are now relying on to solve this case.

'We know there were people on the street who know who did this, and it is unacceptable now to not come forward,' Mayor Landrieu said.

Supt. Serpas would not comment on this case, only to say that it is an ongoing investigation.However, he and the mayor went out of their way to say it had nothing to do with the second line and that the shooting happened in the vicinity of wherea second line had already passed.

Crimestoppers has doubled the amount of the award for information in this case to $5000. You can call anonymously at (504)822-1111.

Mayor Landrieu also announced the formation of a 'Jeremy Galmon Beneficiary Fund,' to help pay for the burial. Contributions can be made to any of the seven branches of Liberty Bank and Trust in New Orleans, and three branches in Baton Rouge, or by phone 504-240-5288.

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