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NEWORLEANS, La. - With rumors swirling about his future, Chris Paul did his best to deflect the talk Thursday morning.

'It's part of it, but I have so many other things to worry about right now, you know, like getting my son back in school, moving,' Paul said. 'I don't think about it to tell you the truth. I'm just ready to get out here and compete and hoop.'

But as Paul participated in th

If it comes to that, Tulane Sports Law Professor Gabe Feldman said the Hornets will most certainly come up on the short end of any deal.

'You're not gonna get the superstar to replace him,' Feldman said.'I think there may be two or three players in the league who have the same drawing power as Chris Paul. You just hope you can get some big enough pieces to keep a winning product on the court.'

While losing Paul would level a major hit to the Hornets, Feldman believes the franchise is in a good position to bounce back.

'It's gonna be a big setback, there's no question, but they can survive. There will be another superstar player to come along and I think as long as they can put a good product on the court, they'll be fine,' he said. 'I think the city will rally around the team. There's already been such tremendous support, and I think fans -- although they're buying season tickets like crazy -- knew there was a possibility that Chris Paul would leave next year and yet they're still buying tickets.'

However, outside the New Orleans Arena box office Thursday afternoon, Hornets fans didn't want to consider the possibility.

'CP3 means a lot to this city. I can't imagine him not playing for New Orleans,' said Spencer Crawford.

June Marshall agreed.

'He's almost the crux of the team,' she said.'I mean, everything is kind of built around him. I don't know what their plans are as far as replacing him. I don't even know if you can, he's such a great little guy. That's sad.'

Hornets' General Manager Dell Demps wasn't available for comment Thursday.
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