Couples who are struggling to get pregnant may find some relief in an ancientChinese therapy.A new study finds that acupuncture is helping some couples have better success with fertility treatments. Doctors say it helps manage the stress of infertility, can improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, and can help the brain release hormones that stimulate the reproductive organs. Acupuncture may also help infertile men by stimulating sperm production. Studies are mixed.In some it helps, in others there is no benefit. Other couplesfound benefit when acupuncture was used the day the embryo was transferred into the uterus.

Here in theU.S. teens are still getting pregnant at a higher rate than in other developed countries. New statistics from theCDC show that when teens unintentionally got pregnant, half were using birth control and half were not. Many didn't think they could get pregnant at the time and many said the boy didn't want to use birth control. Of the ones using birth control, many were using the pill orcondoms. The reportstates thatthey were either using them wrong,not every time, or not telling the truth about using them.

And finally, it has long been known that thinning hair in both men and women is genetic.But now a new study is finding that your environment plays a big role too. In a study of identical twins,doctors found that divorced and separated women had more thinning because of the effect of stress on hormones, but also causing an increase in thinningis smoking,high blood pressure and sleeping more thaneight hours a night.What reduced thinning wasexercising, regular consumption of caffeine, wearing hats and using sunscreen.

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