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NEW ORLEANS -- A group of Uptown citizens are pushing for a moratorium on alcohol serving establishments along the Tchoupitoulas corridor.

If approved, the ban would impact about a two-mile stretch from Louisiana Avenue to Jefferson Avenue.

'They're required to post an alcoholic permit request in the window, and we were walking by and happened to see it,' said Robert Brent of the sign sitting a few yards from his frontdoor.

The property is located in the 3500 block of Tchoupitoulas at the site of an art gallery where a local businessman applied for an alcohol beverage permit. Jason Comboy told Eyewitness News that he is looking at possibly opening a higher end bar that would also serve food.

'There so many bars already. Magazine is full of bars. Tchoupitoulas has some bars, and some of those bars have really brought some problems, and we just don't want those problems here,' said Brent.

The Tchoupitoulas corridor is already home to a handful of bars and some have been problematic to neighbors in the past.

Eyewitness News spoke with Councilwoman Stacy Head's office. A staff member said at this point, Head is only seeking feedback from the community about the proposed moratorium.

'It's happened probably five or six blocks down the road. These guys are struggling with these bar owners to make them pick up trash, to make them have better bathroom facilities,' said Brent of the noise, litter, and nuisance complaints.

Debby Pigman is president of Faubourg Delachaise Neighborhood Association. The group is fighting to keep new alcohol serving establishments from opening in the area.

'We're pushing a petition for a moratorium on bars and alcoholic outlets between Louisiana Avenue and Jefferson Avenue. The impetus for this was the application for a liquor license for a building just a block from here,' said Pigman.

The neighborhood association is concerned about this latest alcohol permit request and the business location about a block from Lyon's Community Center Playground. Pigman said the Center is a popular spot for kids especially in the summer.

Now the neighborhood association is asking city leaders for help.

'We're trying to go at it this way and hope that the City Council will consider a moratorium,' said Pigman who has reached out to Councilmember Stacy Head.

It's a moratorium that Josh Schmied, who lives along Tchoupitoulas, says goes too far.

'I'd rather it be a business and be something positive -- rather than just a run-down house -- anything that can bring revenue to the city and the people, for sure,' Schmied said.

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