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NEWORLEANS - A former city council woman said the two current councilmembers who have apparently been boycotting meetings should have their pay docked.

Councilmembers Cynthia Hedge Morrell and Jon Johnson walked out of a council meeting two weeks ago when they lost a bid to change the way 'at- large' council members are elected in the future.

The walkout has since stalled council business by preventing the body from having the quorum.

Eyewitness News acquired internal council e-mails that reveal Hedge Morrell's office told the council chief of staff on Wednesday that '... Morrell will be unable to attend June 7th & 21st Council meetings.'

But on Friday, Morrell's office backed off, saying 'Morrell will be in attendance at the June 7th and 21st Council meeting.'

Former councilmember Peggy Wilson said there should be a price to pay for refusing to attend council meetings.

'The councilmen have two jobs. One is to serve their constituents. And the other is show up for council meetings and do the city's business. Usually when you dont show up for work you get your pay docked or you get fired. And that's what should happen to them. They should at least get their pay docked,' Wilson said.

If the council fails to get a quorum to choose an interim replacement for the District 'B' council seat Stacy Head vacated when she was elected to an at large position, then Mayor Mitch Landrieu can choose the replacement.

There's still no word on councilman Jon Johnson's plans for attending the next meeting.

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