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NEWORLEANS- Shuttle buses and off-campus parking lots, some as far away as the Superdome are among the answers Tulane stadium supporters are giving to concerns over parking on game days.

Monday night a public hearing on parking at the proposed stadium drew about 150 people.

Those in attendance were show a PowerPoint presentation on how the university plans to minimize the impact on neighbors.

They said many of those going to the games at the stadium would be shuttled in from other parking lots.

'There are numerous locations,'said Doug Thornton of SMG. 'Starting with the building that we operate (the Superdome) that has 7,500 parking spaces right around our facility.'

Thornton said that the firm that manages the Superdome has identified a number of parking lots between the Dome and Tulane. He said they couldn't name the lots since Tulane has not contacted those lots yet.

'We believe we can accommodate - absolutely accommodate - 10,000 with the satellite locations we've identified,'said Thornton.

To further minimize and control traffic in the neighborhood near Tulane, special stickers would be issued to people who live in restricted areas. Those areas would triple the fines for enforcement.

Don Jordan, who is with a national firm that specializes in game day parking and traffic. He said the NOPDand Tulane police would handle enforcement.

Jordan said there would be a plan in place for different sized events and that the larger ones would trigger the shuttles.

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