Bovada, an online gaming group, has listed how many games it expects teams in the NFL to win and, while I might be late to this, I have yet to see it listed.

And despite the offseason issues, they believe the Saints will fare pretty well.

Green Bay is picked to win 12 games while Philadelphia is set at 101/2 wins.

Those are the only NFC teams with more wins than New Orleans' 10.

San Francisco also is estimated at 10 wins.

The rest of the NFC South:
Atlanta 9 wins
Carolina 7 1/2 wins
Tampa Bay 6 wins

It would be hard to disagree with this assessment. I've felt that the Saints would be all right despite the shenanigans that took their attention elsewhere.

I think Atlanta will be good, but I'm not positive about their defense, especially with one of their top players coming to New Orleans (Curtis Lofton).

Tampa Bay under first-year coach Greg Schiano still will have a long way to go, though the discipline should be better.

And Carolina is probably a year away from being an extremely scary team.

A reminder, though - this is the over/under on win total for betting purposes. While it's not a prediction in the traditional sense, it's the number they believe is about right when it comes to getting even betting.

--Bradley Handwerger, Sports Reporter

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