Sobou, the Brennan family's newest concept, billed as a 'spirited' restaurant where drinks are just as important as the food, has been named one of America's best new restaurants by Esquire Magazine.

Food writer John Mariani singled out the Chartres Street restaurant in his list of restaurant awards for 2012 unveiled Friday on Esquire's website.

The restaurant opened in the former Bacco restaurant site inJuly.

'For three decades, restaurants run by the Brennan family of New Orleans have regularly made Esquire's list. This year, cousins Ti and Lally have returned to the French Quarter to open SoBou (South of Bourbon Street), where chef Juan Carlos Gonzalez brings bar food to a level I have never encountered,' Mariani writes.

In the article owner and creator Ti Martin explains that the restaurant was designed to capture the feel of the Old Absinthe House, that her uncle Owen Brennan owned, or 'the drinks place where we Brennans began in 1943.' She says that Sobou was designed to mimic the feel of that place but 'with a modern edge.'

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