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NEW ORLEANS -- A man walked up to an ice cream van in the West Carrolton neighborhood of New Orleans on Friday and demanded more than just a frosty treat.

Police say he pulled a gun and robbed the vendor.

'A black male, light skin black male wearing a dark hoodie approached the truck, produced a handgun and demanded her money,' said NOPD Second District Commander Paul Noel. 'She handed over approximately $300 in cash and her purse and the perpetrator fled.'

Tanya Lafayette, who grew up not far from Harrell Playground, says she and her 9-year-old daughter Skye look forward to hearing the ever-present music coming from the van as it makes its way down their street.

'They enjoy the summertime when the truck usually passes and they get the excitement of running to the truck yelling ice cream, ice cream,' said Lafayette.

The ice cream van was robbed at the corner of Green and Leonidas, just down the street from the home where Lafayette's mother lives.

'It's just a mishap, an unfortunate mishap, that I think should not cause them to stop the ice cream truck, the tradition of the ice cream truck in this neighborhood,' said Lafayette. 'We pray for them and hope they seek forgiveness and turn themselves in.'

Noel says the driver of the ice cream truck had not been on the job very long.

'It was actually her fourth day working with the company.'

Noel says there is a good chance cops will find the robber. His officers have solved about 40 percent of the armed robbery cases in the 2nd District so far this year.

'I have fond memories of getting a bomb pop and a nutty buddy from the ice cream truck,' said Noel. 'We're going to do everything we can to catch this individual.'

If you can help solve this crime you are urged to call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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