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NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Voodoo festival-goers came from far and wide to see some of the best talent music has to offer.

Big names like Kid Rock and legendary rock group Nine Inch Nails brought Tyler Livings to the event.

'It is my first time out here. I have heard a lot of good things about it and seemed like a good event to go to with a lot of good music. I wanted to see what it was all about,' he said.

One curveball, some hoped to get one-day passes, but that option sold out on Halloween, leaving the more expensive weekend pass as the only option.

It wasn't a dealer breaker for some, just an inconvenience.

To keep traffic moving smoothly, festival-goers will see more gates, but have to go through a thorough security search.

Brooks Dallas braved the three-hour drive from Lake Charles and got comfortable in the park.

'We got a room,' he said. 'It is a three-hour drive. At the end of the night if would be rough to get back and forth.'

That is another reason why the shows are expected to be big win for the city.

Mark Romig with New Orleans Tourism says Voodoo Fest should bring in millions to the local economy. In other words, rock on.

'It looks to be a $40 to $50 million impact for the community. You are talking hotels being occupied, restaurants and retail,' he said.

Voodoo Fest wraps up Sunday.

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