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NEW ORLEANS -- At the corner of Oak and Monroe streets standing water has been there so long it has become the watering hole for the local flock of wild parrots.

'Yeah, that's the parrots' watering hole,' said Sean O'Mahony, owner of the neighboring bakery Bread On Oak. 'They come down, mix with the pigeons, have some water, then hang out on the wires.'

The water flows from cracks in the sidewalk by a fire hydrant, 40 feet down to the nearest drain. Neighbors are fed up, like Keith Williams, who found me at a red light.

'I look over to my left at a traffic light, and there's Bill Capo, so I said what better chance than there is now to ask him,' said Williams.

Keith's neighbors Sean and Charmain O'Mahony at their bakery Bread On Oak know Oak Street will be jammed for Po-Boy Festival.

'People get tired and they want to sit on the corner,' said Charmain. 'They want to relax, and they want some place to sit outside, and so they do. they sit on the curb to just relax, and they don't want to sit in water.'

I contacted the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board and asked them to expedite this repair job, because the neighbors say they've been trying for so long they feel the board just doesn't care about them.

But they know it's important to have this fixed in time for Po Boy Fest.

'We want our place to look beautiful and great for the Po Boy Fest,' said Williams.

A water board spokesman said they plan to repair this leak as soon as possible.

I'll let you know what happens.

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