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By Tom Planchet

1/ Seattle 12-2 (last week 1) Seahawks clearly the league's best, but doesn't mean they'll make Super Bowl.
2/ San Francisco 10-4 (last week 5) Have won four in a row including win over Seattle.
3/ Denver 11-3 (last week 2) Most of the top teams in the AFClost, but the Broncs beat Chiefs twice.
4/ New England 11-3 (last week 3) Tough loss at Miami, but could still be team to beat in AFC.
5/ Carolina 10-4 (last week 6) This week could tell if they are contenders are pretenders.
6/ Kansas City 11-3 (last week 9) Could catch Broncos if Denver stumbles again.
7/ Saints 10-4 (last week 4) Truthfully, would you like them on the road against any contender?
8/ Arizona 9-5 (last week 10) Pulled out a key win.
9/ Indianapolis 9-5 (last week unranked) Perhaps their beat down by the Rams wasn't so embarrassing.
10/ Baltimore 8-6 (last week unranked) Super Bowl champs aren't dead yet.

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