Dominic Massa / EyewitnessNews

HARAHAN, La. - Voters chose a former City Council member over their city's former police chief, electing Tim Walker as Harahan's new police chief Saturday.

Complete but unofficial returns show Walker defeating Peter Dale in the runoff, 57 to 43 percent.

The two men led the pack of four candidates who ran in the primary, seeking to fill the remainder of the term vacated by former Chief Mac Dickinson, who resigned last year to take a job with Louisiana State Police.

Walker will have to run again for the post this fall.

Dale was Harahan Police Chief for eight years and both men are former NewOrleans Police officers. Walker got 40 percent of the vote on the first ballot to Dale's 29 percent.

During the campaign, Walker said Dale's tenure as police chief had its moments of controversy.

'They had some scandals during his administration,' said Walker. 'I'm all about accountability, transparency and I believe I can bring something better to the table.'

Both candidates also touted their experience, with voters in the end choosing Walker.

'I believe Harahan, being the small community it is, there are a lot of things that I learned over the years that can be implemented here to make it a stronger, better, more safer community,' said Walker.

'When I was the chief last time, the office ran well,' said Dale. 'We were the first administration in 20 years to come in budget, we stayed in budget. We were ranked the number one safest city in Louisiana.'

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