Jim Henderson preached all week that the Saints needed help in the interior of the defense.

Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Gregg Williams had other plans, picking cornerback Patrick Robinson instead.

Henderson's reaction? About the same as everyone else in the media room Thursday night.

'I think it's a big surprise,' Henderson said. 'I don't think there was ever a mock draft that included Patrick Robinson going to the Saints as a cornerback in the first round. Not many people projected him to be a first rounder, but a second rounder. So that's not a great surprise.'

Robinson's stats aren't really overwhelming other than the five straight games he had an interception.

But as Hondo goes on to say, look at what happened when the Saints lost Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer to injuries and it's quite evident that New Orleans did need help in the secondary.

It also gives the Saints the ability to move Malcolm Jenkins to safety, a move that has been expected for an entire year and could lead to the end of Darren Sharper as a New Orleans safety.

'The more you look at it, you can see where it might be and that this now gives them more flexibility to move a Malcolm Jenkins down to safety if Darren Sharper doesn't come back,' Henderson said.

The good news? This is supposedly a deep draft, one that could see the Saints rewarded in the second and third rounds when they pick last in both rounds.

'The areas in which they're looking, specifically defensive tackle and to a lesser degree outside linebacker haven't been picked over that greatly,' Henderson said.

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