METAIRIE, La. ― The Saints moved their first two afternoon practices of training camp indoors as extreme heat set in in the New Orleans region.

Their third day of practice though, well, that remained outdoors.

Greeting them was record-setting heat the mercury reached 100 degrees Sunday. The heat index hovered above 108 for the entire afternoon.

But Head Coach Sean Payton refused to call the session the hottest he has ever dealt with.

'No, I think it's probably one of the hottest ones here in New Orleans, but I think we had hotter practices in Jackson,' Payton said.

Linebacker Scott Shanle agreed, saying that he recalled training camp in Jackson, Miss., to be hotter than it is New Orleans. He attributed it partly to the ability to move to the Saints' indoor facility on campus.

While the heat index at the airport stuck around 110 degrees, head trainer Scottie Patton recorded indices around 119 degrees. For that, the team was prepared.

'We took six breaks just to make sure guys were keeping hydrated,' Payton said. 'You have to manage it. At some point in training camp, you're going to have to fight through some weather like this and we were fortunate with some cloud cover.

'It doesn't make it tougher; I just think it's part of getting in shape in training camp, mentally and the challenge of focusing on your job when your body starts getting tired.'

And that's exactly why defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove was OK with staying outdoors Sunday. He believes it'll give the team a leg up once the season begins.

'You've got to come out here when it's hot like this and you've got to fight through it,' Hargrove said. 'There are going to be games where it's going to get real sticky, it's going to be tough. You've got to know you can battle through it. The heat is one of the best things to battle through. If you can push through a day like this and have a good practice, game day should be easy.'

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