NEW ORLEANS A mother and son who are both NOPD officers accused of beating a security guard have had more serious charges filed against them in a bill of information filed by the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office, announced Thursday.

The charge of aggravated batterywas addedfor Sgt. Emelda Blanco, whileher son, Officer Gerald Blanco, had thecharge of aggravated assault added to the previous charge of simple batteryfor the incident that occurred in late May at a Treme nightclub.

The incident was captured on videotape.

In a news release, the DA's office said that after reviewing the evidence, themore serious charges wereadded to the originalcharge of simple battery that came from the NOPD.

'I want to reassure the community that under my administration no one is above the law,' said DA Leon Cannizzaro. 'Those members of the law enforcement community who believe that their badge is a 'get out of jail free card' are sorely mistaken.'

In surveillance video obtained by Eyewitness News, two off-duty NOPD officers walk up and begin shoving a security guard at Robertson's Vieux Carre' Lounge.

Sgt. Blanco and her son were also suspended without pay following the incident.

The security guard said a few weeks ago thathe refused to let Gerald Blanco enter the same lounge because he believed the off-duty officer, who was carrying a gun, was intoxicated.

He said Sgt. Blanco and her son returned for revenge, leading to the incident.

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