HARVEY, La. - Two violent suspects that local police have been searching for for a long time are now behind bars.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand spoke about the arrests Monday about how they tracked them down.

Normand said they have been looking for Dang since 2005.That's when authorities said he shot and killed Hung Din at a party in Marrero.

Normand said a task force has been working with the U.S. Marshal's office for years trying to crack this case.

Texas correctional officers discovered Dang was already in custody under a fake alias on federal gun charges, Normand said.

They have issued a detainer on Dang and will be notified of his release, he said.

The sheriff added there was a problem with the fingerprinting system as to why authorities didn't realize Dang was already in prison.

'We haven't been able yet to determine exactly what was the problem.Because of the fact that he did not have much of a criminal history, sometimes these things can fall through the cracks.We and the authorities are actually reviewing that at the present time to see what actually happened,' Normand said.

The sheriff also announced the arrest of Melvin Videau who Normand called a 'very dangerous individual.'

He was arrested for aggravated burglary stemming from an incident that took place a couple weeks ago in Marrero.

Videau was arrested in Ferriday, La.

The sheriff said he is also accused in several violent criminal activities that happened in central Louisiana over the last couple of weeks.

Authorities said they are now making arrangement s to have Videau transferred back here.

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